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"Water could prove to be the measure and criterion of all things. Whether it be for our environment, our health, or our mental, physical and spiritual growth and performance understanding of water will define ourselves, communities, nations and humanity as a whole." MT

"A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move towards higher levels." Albert Einstein


I couldn't help but notice,
as I took a sip of my bottled water,
that it wasn't like most water.
The ocean has a life. It rages
in anger, it moves to a constant rhythm.
A river has a destination. It travels
the land, stopping at nothing.
A stream runs and races. It follows
the path of fate, singing its own song.
A pond snaps paparazzi photographs
in the glimmer of its ripples.
But my bottled water seems indifferent.
It has no hope for more.

"Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature, ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe." Dr Masaru Emoto


To every thought, every word spoken, every prayer recited, every note played, there is a master listener.... Water.

We discover that Life is a Fine Art.

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The True, the Good and the Beautiful

Emoto described water crystal photography as a Fine Art. Underlying these Arts are 3 ancient principles:

Shin Truth

The greater purpose of each moment is dedicated to seeking the Truth, one moment at a time. The moment of Truth manifests from the purity of the of the intent with a pure and right-minded heart. Truth lives within us, it cannot be kept from us, in every molecule, essence of our being. Your only obligation is to be true to yourself.

Zen Virtue/Goodness

Zen is the manifestation of ethics such and requires one to stay calm and composed without strife, hostility or vengeance. To be at peace with others whilst maintaining serenity at all times we seek the way of perfect virtue. Harmony is the greatest of virtues.

Bi Beauty

Whilst the above concepts are naturally considered beautiful, Beauty is the form of Truth expressed in the application of the Good. What really stimulates the sense of beauty is the dignity, harmony in all our movements and the rhythmical movements created by a calm state of mind. Our true nature in and of itself is beautiful is thus revealed as we surrender to these ancient principles, egoless.

Emoto’s findings reveal there is beauty inherent in our positive thoughts, intentions, words and music.


Unraveling water’s great mysteries



By thinking water is solely for hydrating the body is too limiting. Only when we begin to comprehend the true nature of water and its role throughout our bodies, in nature, the cosmos and the environment it’s contained in can its beauty be truly grasped.



By comprehending and copying nature with its movements, its rhythms we can begin to ennoble our waters back to their original life-enhancing quality. Only then can its restoration begin and the source of pollution be eradicated.



The problem of restoring water must be found within ourselves by restoring the life-force to our thinking. With greater understanding of the True Power of our Thoughts, our Words, our Prayers and their connection to Water we can be responsible stewards of ourselves, others and the environment for future generations.

You are the environment.

P.R.A.Y. so please bless your water.

To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself’... Dr Masaru Emoto


Who is Matt Thornton?

International speaker, Master Coach and Mentor, Tai Chi teacher and Emoto Hado instructor, recently nominated as one of the UKs top evolutionaries for his vision and new awareness for the restoration of and reconnection to our waters. A former fighter pilot of nearly 2 decades known now more as a Peaceful Warrior speaking on the role of water in the body, nature, the cosmos, our consciousness and its correlation to Peace.....


Ok so I’ve done some cool stuff, but then who hasn’t? Yes I’ve looped the loop 1000 times, I’ve hit the brakes and no-one flew by, I’ve plugged the burners many a time, reached out and touched the face of God but tell me as a Pilot who hasn’t or dreamed of all that. That was all just the beginning, the training. Now the real mission has begun and yet this time, there’s no Plan B.


"There is no path to peace, peace is the path." Ghandi


International speaker, Matt was recently nominated as one of the UK's top evolutionaries. With his vision involving raised awareness, understanding, thinking and philosophy of water. Matt discusses how it affects the environment, our health, our mental, physical and spiritual growth and performance in a unique poetic and dynamic approach....



Deep Transformational Coaching for clarity, stillness, breakthroughs, performance and results from Master Coach Matt Thornton. With over 30 years of highly trained professionalism, a lifetime of personal development, the last 10 years by some great masters my promise is 100% commitment that gets to the core of any issue....



Infinite Tai Chi is a wholesome discipline for perfect harmony in life. Matt is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the Infinite Arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chi Yoga of over 17 years, and trained by Master Jason Chan for over 10 years. Available for 1:1 private sessions, workshops, weekend retreats, retreats to teach this beautiful art form....



Healing means to become whole. These Healing Arts are designed to bring the body back into balance. KCR the miracle protocol with its amazing results and relief from numerous symptoms, or Ling Chi with results deepening further into the energetic, mental, emotional and even deeper realms. Further protocols available upon discussion....



The retreats are a combination of retreat setting, a pilgrimage and a mini-odyssey all in one and are planned to be held in the vicinity of great rivers, springs, expanses of water allowing us a deep connection to nature and ourselves. Each one is a unique experience as they unfold....



After decades of gracing the skies, high and low, fast and slow one can acquire a unique perspective of the magnificence of a place we call earth, our home. It's beauty combined with its fragility, our irreversible impact as humans and yet the resilience of nature to respond is where I share my thoughts, insights....



Emoto pioneered the way forward in reconnecting us back to water. Conducting ceremonies throughout the globe, alongside the symbol and power of WA with startling insights, this now falls to his HADO instructors to continue to empower future generations for the necessity to protect our waters....


Matt Thornton
"If we take full responsibility for all our thoughts and actions, then with an attitude of gratitude all that is needed is to say thank you....... that will be good enough. "

thank you

for flowing by




Absolutely amazing presentation, you blew me away. The world needs more people like yourself spreading across us honesty, a vision, integrity, and something full of innovation and forward thinking to make a better world. As Ghandi said be the change you wish to see in the world, definitely your presentation was a phenomenal delivery, wow, for those that understood it they can take huge amounts from the presentation.

Well done Matt.

Nadeem, 22, Entrepreneur, London

Most importantly Matt's message has really impacted me, the message he delivers is fantastic, I can feel and understand every message he delivers. I call him Waterman. One thing I love about him is the way he delivers, on stage I really love his voice, the tonality, the body movement is amazing. I talk to my water all the time now.

Nga, international speaker, trainer, Vietnam

In our life we have many teachers which we have learnt a lot. I'm very grateful for each teacher including Matt Thornton, teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung. I'm Eastern he is Western, it's crazy, here finding my spiritual journey in English. But I feel the spiritual journey starts with the teacher, it doesn't matter how you can understand the language but how you feel. I feel the connection with nature, chi, earth, water, air almost everything that I've never experienced before. I feel clear about the connection of my body, a wonderful experience. After practising together, you feel love, trust, almost everything connecting, it's realisation, it's awareness. I feel peaceful, I trust my teacher. I'm very grateful for my teacher.

Tuan, General Manager, Vietnam

Matt's teachings on retreat were really deep and profound, they touched me right at my core. I spent a wonderful time with Matt about Tai Chi, Chi Kung, meditation, I've never had so much clarity in my mind. I very much respect how Matt recalled our mind to connect our soul to nature, to the ocean where I can feel very peaceful in my mind.

Tieu, Business owner, Vietnam

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