Deep Transformational Coaching

for clarity, stillness, breakthroughs, performance and results from Master Coach Matt Thornton. With over 30 years of highly trained professionalism, a lifetime of personal development, the last 10 years by some great masters my promise is 100% commitment that gets to the core of any issue…. read more

Sometimes if things aren’t going well, what is it we need to let go of? What block, past conditioning or unsupportive pattern needs to go? We all need coaching, mentoring at some point in our lives, we all need healing throughout, sometimes it’s getting to that pure still point … whatever is necessary to combine these arts to get to wherever you need to go. We just need a guide, someone who’s been there before, to understand the self at the highest level, what is it we can learn about ourselves to get that clarity, that break through, the next level of performance, that evasive result, that paradigm shift in a specific area of how your life is operating?

It could mean a change of perception, removing limiting beliefs, patterns, stress, anxiety, reactions, emotional pain, habits that do not serve. Whatever the block, if you are open it can be coached masterfully making way for new levels of performance, be they mental, physical or spiritual to a life, business, relationship that integrates the innate wisdom that is inherent in all of us making way for new behaviours, inspired living, engagement, excitement and zest for life.


It’s not about a set amount of time it’s what works for you. Results are best achieved when my presence is in your life for longer periods with 24/7 unlimited access to me, although every programme is bespoke, simply because everyone is different, and at a different stage of their lives. Each Time is unique, perfectly formed and flexible programme for You. Believe me there is a programme for you, monthly, 3, 6, or 12 monthly or as required.


Initial consultations can be held anywhere, preferably in person generally London based but as a global traveller wherever you are if I’m in your area, or on Skype, zoom or other virtual means.

Free consultation

Initial consultation is free. During which we can discuss any situation, discover if we are correct to work together. Sometimes profound shifts can occur as a result of this initial consultation. These can best be followed by an immersion session, sometimes half a day or whatever the schedule can deliver. The whole point is to be as flexible as ever, nothing gets in the way of profound change.


Fees are bespoke, if I believe I can assist you when we decide to work together the investment is based upon a no. of factors. If I’m not able to assist you I will recommend someone, one of many talented coaches and dedicated coaches. Whatever your budget rest assured someone is there to help you.

My promise to you. Total presence, total commitment
My only ask of you, your commitment to change

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If you are ready for a profound and insightful change and wish to inquire about any of my services, or arrange a telephone/Skype call or if you have a question or comment please contact me below.

‘The Peaceful Coach’

‘The difference between 99% and 100% is 100%’