After decades of gracing the skies, high and low, fast and slow one can acquire a unique perspective of the magnificence of a place we call earth, our home. It’s beauty combined with its fragility, our irreversible impact as humans and yet the resilience of nature to respond is where I share my thoughts, insights…..

… from Siberia to the Sahara, Himalayas to the Sottish Highlands, Greenland epic landscape like no other, sometimes the incredible expanse of humanness and then the cosmic wonder and mystery of the heavens and such jaw dropping sensations as Aurora Borealis dancing right above, the yin of a moon rise, the dew of a blade of grass…… the infinite wonder that highlights our need for complete reverence of all.

Simple insights, thoughts, pictures…. maybe a few poems, no agenda, just inspirations of a place called home from an airborne traveller.