Infinite Tai Chi is a wholesome discipline for perfect harmony in life. A dedicated practitioner and teacher of the Infinite Arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chi Yoga of over 17 years, trained by Master Jason Chan for over 10 years, available for 1:1 private sessions, workshops, weekend retreats, retreats to teach this beautiful art form…. Read more

What are the Infinite Arts?

This wholesome discipline for life is not just about teaching physical movement it’s about life itself and at its heart it is pure nature or consciousness in movement.

Originally an explanation for the formation of the universe and foundation for life, Tai Chi known as the Grand Ultimate which brings both balance and harmony, yin and yang into form. Known more now as an exercise practice, a moving meditation or a martial art it will have different meanings depending on the individuals levels of personal and spiritual development. For all its is journey of unfoldment into the nature of life itself with its graceful gentle series of natural movements. For some it used as a moving meditation, for others a deep spiritual practice. Ultimately by performing Infinite Tai Chi, you will begin to return to the wholeness of life itself

Benefits are multiple and range from the physical and energetic body right through to emotional, mental and spiritual insights and unfoldment including:

A return to natural balance or perfect harmony
Balanced physical, energetic, emotional systems
Transformation of physical, mental and emotional outlook on life
Stronger body and physique
Internal strength
Flexibility, focus and balance
Calm emotions
Sense of peace
Radiant presence
Personal empowerment
A feeling of the wholeness of life allowing more joy, happiness, abundance, compassion, love and your True nature and state to shine through

Matt has taught in UK, Vietnam, Malaysia, Portugal, USA and can often be found conducting random moments of chi throughout the world on his travels.

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