The retreats are a combination of retreat setting, a pilgrimage and a mini-odyssey all in one and are planned to be held in the vicinity of great rivers, springs, expanses of water allowing us a deep connection to nature and ourselves. Each one is a unique experience as they unfold.

The elements common to all are Movement (infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Chi Yoga) Meditation, Mindfulness, Mantras and Emoto-style water ceremonies followed by exploration into the deeper understanding of our true nature and consciousness.The food will all be plant-based where possible, it’s nutritionists and health coaches in support and of course great water to nourish the soul.

We’re already in planning stages for 2017/8 to destinations such as Hawaii, Tibet, Iceland, Ibiza, Jamaica and Africa to be amongst some of the great waters of the world, amongst with some indigenous wisdom.

These are journeys for all, advanced deep thinkers and beginners have all welcomed the experience. To join is uplifting, energising, empowered and inspired experience for all.

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A persons progress from one stage of life or set of beliefs to another, a spiritual quest.
An extended voyage or eventful journey.