International speaker, Matt was recently nominated as one of the UKs top evolutionaries. with his vision involving raised awareness, understanding, thinking and philosophy of water. The need for their restoration and our reconnection back to them has profound ramifications. Matt discusses how it affects the environment, our health, our mental, physical and spiritual growth and performance in a unique poetic and dynamic approach.

Matt discusses aspects of the flow of water throughout the body, nature, the cosmos even the effect of our own consciousness how it affects every area of our lives and how it can be restored, and why it is crucial to reconnect back to it. Whether you are a CEO, child, parent or high performing athlete this renaissance of understanding will become essential knowledge for all.

Matt has spoken in London, UK, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan with his combination of a poetic and dynamic flying experiences combined with startling insights.

Matt is also an ambassador and speaker for the UK and Ireland arm of the Emoto Peace Project, trained as a Hado is tractor by Dr Masaru Emoto speaking not only on the true nature of water in relation to the power do our thoughts, words, prayers for peace within and by extension to the world but also on the actual subject of peace itself. He is also a spokesperson for the World Preservation Foundation on water related subjects.

Speaking engagements for events, seminars, corporations, business, athletes, high performers, schools or retreats.